©  provides an easy method to help businesses control their online product returns. ReturnEasy is a Virtual Returns Desk which allows any online merchant on the Internet to simplify their returns and increase their customerís satisfaction which results in more positive feedbacks and higher sales. The software is easily incorporated into an e-commerce storefront so online customers have a fast and convenient way to return products, abolishing one of the most common complaints about online shopping. By registering on ReturnEasy sellers can customize the setting of the software according to their policy and needs.
ReturnEasy will provide you with a 30 day trial, so you can learn about our website and its process. Once the free trial expires, you can purchase a membership or pay based on your usage.

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How do I use the website?

1. First you register your companyís information
2. Once you have completed the registration form, you will receive an email with the link and a password for to activate your account, at this point you can log into your account and upload your store logo, return policy, and customize the return form.
3. provides you a link to put on your website pages  When you have customers who want to return the purchase for any reason (replacement, exchange, return for refund, etc.) they easily have access to click on the link  then they can fill out the online automated form, and return the item.
Once the customer fills out the form they will receive an email with the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.
5. You as a seller have the option to deny their return request or accept it. If you accept the return, the customers get an email notifying them about the shipping return address label so the customer knows where and how to send the item back.  
6. This system is all automated and can be customized based on your needs.
7. Your customers will be able to track their return at any time and they will be updated with emails sent to them by the automated system.
8. You also have access to all customersí information and archive

The way was designed makes everything simple and easy for the sellers and customers to use. In one easy step the customer can provide all the necessary information and get the RMA number and the shipping label, all in one easy step.
Flowchart Displaying The Return Process:


There are 5 statuses for submitted Return forms:
Waiting for Approval: Buyer fills out a Return form and now he/she waits for sellerís approval. (If seller has checked No for auto approval in their setting)
Pending: Seller has approved the return form and is waiting for buyer to mail back the item.
Processing: seller has received your item and processing your return
Waiting: To complete RMA process seller needs Buyer Respond, Buyer has to  contact seller at his/her earliest convenience.
Ready to ship: The RMA process has been completed and item is ready to be shipped
Archive: Returning process has been completed and sent to archive.
Expired: Seller doesnít receive the item in however long they have set in the setting.


Customization: has the ability to be customized by the seller and provide a professional RMA system to sellers and customers. You can use your companyís logo and other customization to make the service an exclusive design.
1. You can use your logo and banner.
2. Customize your return policy and agreement.
3. Customize your emails to which the customers receive.
4. The returns are traceable from the customerís side.

Powerful Archive: has a powerful and exclusive admin for each seller, so you can save all your customers information where you are able to view the status of every single filled out RMA form in the Archiveís Active, Processing and Pending sections. This system gives you the ability to search for customers based on Customerís Name, Date of the RMA request, Name of Product and RMA number, also sorting them based on Date, Customer Name or Name of the Product.

Labeling Part:
Once the RMA is approved for return the customer will receive an address label which has the RMA number and senders return shipping address. This label can be printed and located on the return box. will let the customers talk to the seller about the problems that they encountered as well as a faster and timely matter.

Research has shown the powerful return management system has the most effect on customer satisfaction and increases the sales dramatically.

The return forms can be customized by the seller based on your needs and specifications.

Over time the old forms will be saved in the archive and you can easily access them if necessary. Also after every step of the process the customers will receive an updated email regarding their order to keep them informed.
The customers have to agree to your policy and agreement in order to be able to receive and RMA number. gives you more power for managing your after sale service. will improve and guarantee satisfaction will increase your sales dramatically

If youíre tired of your customers calling all the time, ©can and will help you!!!

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